Gravity Defyer




Gravity Defyer, also known as the comfort shoe is a brand of shoes that incorporates many features creating a comfortable and supportive fit. Gravity Defyer is a factory brand for sneakers, dress shoes and casual shoes for men and women. Once you try this brand you may become a convert to shopping by brand only.


If you’re looking for a shoe that will provide standing comfort all day, try Gravity Defyer. The shoes are made with true fit in mind. The toes have a wider toe box offering sufficient room for all toes no matter what their shape or size. With Gravity Defyer you can stop squeezing into shoes not roomy enough for your toes or heel, experiencing a cramped painful fit.


Walking in these shoes is akin to walking on clouds with the Smart Memory Master Spring system installed in every heel. This dual heel absorbs the shock of each step using reverse trampoline technology in a trademarked advancement called Versoshock.


The rebound from the spring propels you forward with each step, making walking almost effortless. Add to this feature the mid-sole made of specially formulated polymers and the comfort-fit removable in-soles and each shoe delivers a soft reduced impact step.


The AVS3 ventilation used in the shoe allows the foot to breathe, eliminating sweaty feet. This system also eliminates microbial growths that cause offensive foot odour. Factory brand shoes with this many comfort features are virtually impossible to find, especially in dress shoes.


Now that you know which brand will give you the best fit and the most all-day comfort, you can start primarily shopping by brand. Select from the different lines of casual, sporty or dress shoes knowing that the fit will be 99% the same from style to style.


Gravity Defyer consistently delivers shoes with the features real people need to get through their day, whether at work, running errands or at play.