Review Of Gravity Defyer Athletic Men Shoes

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Gravity Defyer athletic men shoes is the number one choice for sportsmen in 2017. Built with the athlete in mind, the shoe addresses most of the challenges faced on the field. The base is fitted with springs that prevent energy loss and produce a bouncing force.  Ankle chafing is eliminated through the use of a padded collar, while the whole construction is reinforced for longevity. Scroll through this G defy shoes review for more amazing features of the product.


Product Description

G-Defy feature superior technology in every aspect to ensure high performance and comfort. At the top is a padded collar and tongue that ensures chafing at the ankle is at its minimum, while the outer skeleton is highly rugged to guarantee performance.

A distinguishing feature of the G-Defy is the VersoShock Reverse technology with a three times shock absorption capability and returns energy as twice as normal shoes. The toes and heels are reinforced with guards to extend the shoe lifetime. Each sole is fixed with hidden springs that absorb harmful shock but reimburse useful energy back to the feet and back.


VersoShock shoes are the perfect solution for both athletes and people with special needs. With these shoes, athletes are able to train for long hours without fatigue thanks to the amazing VersoShock sole technology. Users across the globe have praised the gravity defyer men’s shoes due to they’re incomparable comfy.  Designed to improve shock absorption, the shoes are effective in relieving pain, easing the spinal pressure, and eliminating joint pain.

These shoes are well suited for people with long working shifts or those who walk from work.  While it may seem normal to walk short distances, doing so frequently may turn painful with time. VersoShock shoes are designed with this in mind as they are light and create a bouncing effect.

Gravity Defyers are a big help to people with bad knees. Players with knee problems have a reason to smile since Gravity Defyers provide the much-needed flexibility without becoming loose. Users have the room to exchange non-fitting shoes with fitting ones with the backing of supportive customer service.   Gravity Defyers are the choice shoes for a wide range of activities including work, outings, and sporting.

Runners are better suited to differentiate the experience of Gravity Defyers from that of normal shoes. With this new invention, athletes no longer feel the disgusting pain shooting up the knees and back with every strike as with most shoes.

Customer Reviews

A survey of user reviews in various sites reveals the admiration people have for Gravity Defyer Athletic Men Shoes. Wearing these shoes gives users with feet challenges a totally different experience compared to that of wearing other shoes. For instance, people with a stooped gait assume a straight gait within few days after using the shoes. Similarly, pain in the ankles, knees, or the back disappears fast once these shoes are used. 

Fixed with Trampoline sole that boosts performance and relieves pain, the shoes are bound to motivate longer workouts. Besides, they are easy to slip in and the inner side is so comfortable such that no socks are required. People working in the offices also describe the Gravity Defyers as the best shock absorbing shoes for work.

Some users report the extra thickness included as being uncomfortable. It is advisable to have a different pair of shoes for driving as Gravity Defyer may get stuck between the pedals. The ‘lean forward’ action built into the sole may not be easy to adapt during the first few days of use.  While they are great for people with arthritis, some users are not comfortable with the orthopedic look of the g defy shoes. However, they are fit for people who have difficulty standing or walking for long.

Purchase advice

G-Defyers are custom designed to fit a wide range of applications to suit both special needs and casual wear. It is advisable to isolate a specific need before ordering the shoes to ensure they serve the purpose well. For instance, buyers with arthritis, bursitis, or bad knees should shop for the orthopedic category while athletes should consider sporting shoes.

While most of the designs are unisex, some makes are categorized as men’s or ladies’ wear. Always order the right design and size for the best experience. Getting the perfect fit is simple since Gravity Defyer shoe sale is high due to their publicity. Inspect the product upon delivery to initiate a return process immediately if there are any design flaws.

Final Verdict

This Gravity Defyer Athletic Men Shoes Review should restore your love for sports. Since it is based on user experience and ratings, it is a true reflection of what to expect before purchasing. With all useful energy being reimbursed back to the heels, these shoes dramatically improve your performance.

Look no further for shoes with springs in heel since Gravity Defyers incorporate one of the best spring technologies. Consequently, these shoes adequately cushion your legs from harmful shock leaving you without any pain at the end of the day. Shop for the fashionable designs to walk comfortably around the office and mingle with friends comfortably during casual outings.